Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts Turns 11 Years Old!

Today marks the 11 year anniversary of Wild Kratts first airing on PBS KIDS.

Today (January 3rd) is the anniversary of the first-ever episode of Wild Kratts entitled “Mom of a Croc” airing on PBS Kids.

Since then the Kratt Brothers and the rest of the Wild Kratts crew have been on over 150 Creature Adventures all around the globe, activating over 160 different Creature Powers along the way!

The latest Wild Kratts special “Cats & Dogs” marked the end of Season 6 but Creature Adventurers out there don’t need to worry, as the Wild Kratts team is currently hard at work on Season 7 of Wild Kratts that will feature brand-new Creature Adventures with all your favorite Wild Kratts characters.