Wild Kratts

Chris and Martin had been filming wildlife all around the world for years. No matter how long they stayed in the wild filming cool animals doing incredible things – there were always animal behaviors that they knew existed but just could never film.

That’s how the idea for Wild Kratts came about.

With animation, the Kratt Brothers can show kids so many of the most incredible animal behaviors and action that have never been seen before!

Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, 1998

Chris and Martin

For Wild Kratts, they wanted to focus on the incredible ‘Creature Powers’ of animals. Every animal has special abilities that can be mind blowing — a cheetah running as fast as a speeding car, a gecko walking up walls, or an electric eel with a high-voltage shock. Chris & Martin wanted their audience to be able to put themselves in the animal’s position and imagine what it would be like to have those amazing ‘creature powers’ — and to understand the natural history and the science concepts behind those abilities.

In the series, the creature adventuring duo leap into animated action in a half-hour adventure comedy that follows the brothers on hilarious expeditions with wild animals.

With animal-inspired gadgets and awesome Creature Power Suits invented by Aviva Corcovado and her team, the brothers use the amazing abilities of animals to rescue their animal friends!

Cheetah, Chris Kratt, and Martin Kratt
Wild Kratts Gang
Peregrine Falcon Flying

Each Wild Kratts adventure explores a science concept central to an animal’s life and showcases a wildlife moment, all wrapped up in engaging stories of adventure, mystery, rescue, and the Kratt Brothers’ brand of comedy that kids love.

From meeting a young elephant who uses the physics of suction to bring water into her trunk, to poison arrow frogs who use chemistry as their defense, to Peregrine falcons who harness the force of gravity to fly so fast, the brothers learn that animals can take you anywhere in science!