Wild Kratts

Where to Watch the First Four Episodes of Wild Kratts Season 7!

We’re excited to announce that the first four episodes of our thrilling Season 7 are now available for streaming. We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting these episodes, and we can’t wait for you to dive into the new Creature Adventures!

Here’s where you can watch:

  1. “Outfoxed” – Join the gang as they use Aviva’s new Sniff-Tracker 1000 to track down Chris who is carried off by a red fox! Watch it here on PBS KIDS Video App/Player or on YouTube!
  2. “Clever the Raven” – Witness the cleverness of a raven that amazes the team! Catch the episode here on PBS KIDS Video App/Player.
  3. “Race to Goat Mountain” – Who will win in a race to the top of Goat Mountain? Find out in this episode available here on PBS KIDS Video App/Player.
  4. “Owl Odyssey” – The gang gets lost, but find inspiration in several owls to get back home. Watch this exciting episode here on PBS KIDS Video App/Player.

Remember, the PBS KIDS Video App/Player is a great place to catch up on all your favorite Wild Kratts episodes. It’s accessible on multiple devices, so you can watch your favorite episodes anytime, anywhere!

All four episodes will also be available via the PBS KIDS subscription on Amazon starting Friday May 26!

Live in Canada? Don’t worry episodes are also available on TVOKids and Knowledge Network.

These 4 new episode begin airing on TVOKids starting May 30th, with each new episode also available to stream on the TVOKids website as soon as it airs on TV!


“Outfoxed” – May 30th @ 5:14 PM
“Clever the Raven” – May 31st @ 5:26 PM
“Owl Odyssey” – June 1st @ 5:27 PM
“Race to Goat Mountain” – June 2nd @ 5:27 PM

Keep on Creature Adventuring and we’ll see you on the Creature Trail!

  • wk701_sc295_PromoStills_Broadcast_WildKrattsGang_Fox_Kits_0001


  • wk702_sc031_PromoStills_Broadcast_Chris_Martin_Raven_0080

    "Clever the Raven"

  • wk704_sc119_PromoStills_Broadcast_Chris_Martin_BigHornSheep_0310

    "Race to Goat Mountain"

  • wk703_sc084_PromoStills_Broadcast_KrattsGang_Owl_Flying_0001

    "Owl Odyssey"