Wild Kratts

The Kratt Brothers are Fundraising for a New Wildlife Refuge!

Activate Creature Hero Powers!

For the whole month of November, the Kratt Brothers are encouraging Creature Heroes around the world to ACTIVATE CREATURE HERO POWERS and fundraise for a brand-new wildlife refuge in North America!

This ‘Creaturefuge Fundraising Month’ campaign is an initiative of the Bros. non-profit organization the “Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation” which was setup to answer the call of so many Wild Kratts fans who wanted to know how they could help their animal friends.



As Chris and Martin Kratt explain in the video above introducing this month of fundraising, Creature Heroes can get involved in many different ways! Such as, fundraising by helping out in their local community, setting up a bake sale, or taking part in the ‘Kratt Brothers Turkey Trot’ – a walk, run, or trot fundraiser where kids can get sponsored by family, friends, and neighbors for every mile they complete!


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Best of all! The Creature Hero who raises the most this month will win a bundle of Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation prizes!

More information about how you can take part and where to start your fundraiser can be found on the Creature Hero website at: creaturehero.org/fundraisingmonth

Keep on Creature PROTECTING!