Wild Kratts

New Wild Kratts Plush Dolls Available Now!

Take the Kratt Brothers on your very own Creature Adventures!

Are you a fan of Wild Kratts? Do you love learning about animals and science? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know that the all-new official licensed Wild Kratts plush dolls are now available for purchase!

The Chris and Martin Kratt plush dolls are approximately 14 inches high and features the Kratt Brothers in their green and blue Creature Power suits. The dolls are made from soft polyester materials with embroidered details, making them perfect for snuggling up while watching your favorite episodes or bringing with you on your very own Creature Adventures!

  • Wild-Kratts-Plush-9_CHRIS_REVISED

    Chris Kratt Plush Doll

  • Wild-Kratts-Plush-9_MARTIN_REVISED

    Martin Kratt Plush Doll

The Chris & Martin plush dolls are available for purchase now via the Mighty Mojo Toys website and Amazon.com. Each plush doll is sold separately or as a bundle of both dolls. They make a great gift for any Wild Kratts fan or anyone who loves learning about animals and science.

Order your Wild Kratts plush dolls today and let the Creature Adventures begin!

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