Wild Kratts

New Wild Kratts Episodes and Movie Arrive April 1st - Here's How to Watch

Exciting news for all you Wild Kratts fans out there - four brand-new episodes are coming your way, including an action-packed extended-length movie!

Chris, Martin, and the rest of the Wild Kratts team are ready to take you on more thrilling Creature Adventures, exploring the wonders of “Our Blue and Green World”.



Mark your calendars for April 1st, when these new episodes will premiere on PBS KIDS:


“Our Blue and Green World” (New Movie!)

While doing their annual Laundry Day, the Kratt brothers disagree on what’s better:  blue oceans or green  forests. They’re  disagreeing much more than usual. Aviva takes on role as referee to demonstrate  how oceans and forests  work together  to make our living planet,  just like Martin and Chris need to keep working  together.  Can the gang get  Martin and Chris back into sync in time to save Planet Earth from  Zach and Paisley Paver’s villainous plans.


“No Name Dream”

Martin has a dream that he forgotten to name some baby animals and awakens in a sweat.   Aviva tries to reassure him that he named them all, but Koki, after checking the data base, confirms that Martin’s right.  It’s decided.  The Wild Kratts’ mission is to go back and name all the  “unnamed” and along the way, learn more about their “creaturenality”.


“Backpack the Camel”

The gang goes on an expedition to the Gobi Desert to discover the last remaining wild camels in the world. They experience the harshness of the desert landscape and are rescued from it only by the wild Bactrian camels and their amazing survival skills.


“Fish Out of Water”

After a mishap involving lost Creature Power Discs, the bros become marooned in the world of the mudskipper. A fish that can walk on land. Martin and Chris must find their discs amongst a weird and foreign world of intense competition, territoriality and unexpected dangers at every turn.


Ready to join the Creature Adventure? You can watch all four episodes for FREE on the PBS KIDS Video Player and the PBS KIDS Video App starting April 1st.

If you have the PBS KIDS Prime Video Channel, you can also stream the episodes there beginning April 2nd.

Don’t miss out on these brand-new Wild Kratts episodes – get ready for more adventure, amazing animals, and awesome Creature Powers with Chris, Martin, Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy!