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The Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation is a new opportunity for you to join a team of fellow creature adventurers help the amazing animals you love! We believe that we all have the ability to make a real, tangible difference for wildlife across the world and we want to empower you and people of all ages to do just that!

There are so many ways for you to help wild animals, from creating wildlife habitats in your backyard or local community to helping establish larger Creaturefuges: wildlife refuges that protect entire ecosystems of fantastic creatures.

Creature Adventuring is so much fun and protecting animals, their habitats, and the creature trail can be too!

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Help the Kratt Brothers Create a Wildlife Refuge for Threatened Creatures!

We are creating a Creaturefuge to protect wild creatures; a place for them to roam free and in the wild.

Our last Creaturefuge was ‘Grizzly Gulch’, a 1,222 acre refuge on the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana. It protects a critical wildlife corridor for grizzly bears, elk, moose, wolves, mountain lions, and a host of other amazing creatures to come down from the Rocky Mountains and onto the Great Plains.

Now we need YOUR help to create a new one! Find out how you can get involved and help our animal friends today!

Have fun and help animals by creating your own mini-creaturefuge in your backyard or community with a Creature Hero Project!

Creature Hero Badges!

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Share your creature protecting achievements with friends and family by showing off your very own Creature Hero badge! If you complete one of our Creature Hero Missions, you can win one of two physical Creature Hero badges!

Creaturefuge Creator Badge

Fundraise $100+ to help create the next Creaturefuge.

Backyard Protector Badge

Complete a Creature Hero Project in your backyard.

We love animals, and we know you do too! Click the image below to find out how you can become a Creature Hero today and earn your very own Creature Hero Badge!

Spread The Word Badge

Recruit 3 friends to join the Creature Hero team.

Guardians League Badge

Fundraise $500+ to help create the next Creaturefuge.

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