Wild Kratts

Celebrate Earth Day with the Wild Kratts and Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation!

This #EarthDay, let’s see how many trees we can plant together!

Trees provide a home to so many of our incredible animal friends, from bears to woodpeckers. They also play a very important role in maintaining our atmosphere by taking carbon dioxide out of the air. One tree can suck more than one ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere over its lifetime. That’s a LOT!

That’s why this Earth Day we are teaming up with the Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation and encouraging Creature Adventurers to get out with your friends and family to plant as many native trees as you can!

Learn how to plant one at creaturehero.org/creature-hero-projects

By planting a tree, you will also be eligible to receive a physical ‘Backyard Protector’ badge! creaturehero.org/badges

  • Kratt Brothers Earth Day 2021