Wild Kratts

Announcing the Latest Wild Kratts Magazine: "Epic Journeys!"

A brand-new edition of the Wild Kratts magazine is here, and this one promises a journey like no other. Introducing our latest Wild Kratts magazine issue: Epic Journeys!

Uncover the World’s Most Amazing Animal Journeys

Have you ever wondered about the incredible lengths animals go to, to find food, or a new place to call home? In “Epic Journeys!”, Chris, Martin, and the Wild Kratts team dive deep into the world of animals who travel vast distances, braving various challenges, to fulfill their natural instincts and needs.

Join Chris, Martin, and the whole crew:

  • Embark on awe-inspiring trips with creatures who travel MILES and MILES.
  • Dive deep into the reasons behind these remarkable migrations. Spoiler: They’re EPIC!
  • PLUS! Get lost in mazes, test your skills with puzzles, and more interactive adventures.

Get Your Copy Today!

Ready to embark on this one-of-a-kind adventure? “Epic Journeys!” is now available online or in stores at your local Walmart, Whole Foods Market, drugstore, and grocery store. Grab your copy and join us in celebrating the incredible spirit of the animal kingdom.

A new Creature Adventure awaits!

  • Epic Journeys v1