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New Deadly Cobra Creature Powers Video!

In this episode, Chris is in India On the Creature Trail of two special snakes with deadly creature powers! The spectacled cobra and the king cobra!

One bite from the spectacled cobra can deliver a venom that can kill a predator or person in hours, but spectacled cobras would much rather use their venom to catch prey. Spectacled cobras are long and can grow to be up to 7 feet long! A deadly and venomous snake, but even spectacled cobras need to watch their backs for an even bigger venomous snake…The King Cobra!

King cobras are snake eaters, for them, any snake is a potential victim, even spectacled cobras. They will even attack smaller king cobras! King cobras can reach more than 2 and half times the length of spectacled cobras, reaching at 18 feet! They are the world’s longest venomous snake! One bite from the king cobra has enough venom to kill 20 people or one elephant but luckily they typically shy away from people.

These are two awesome snakes with incredible creature powers!

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