Wild Kratts

Explore the Fascinating Life of the Kratt Brothers in their New Biography

Discover the remarkable journey of Martin and Chris Kratt, the beloved wildlife explorers who have won the hearts of audiences on television. Get a glimpse into their captivating lives as Creature Adventurers and read their exhilarating tales from spending a lifetime on the Creature Trail, in the pages of 'Martin and Chris Kratt: A Wild Life', their inspiring biography.

Are you a fan of PBS’s hit animated show, Wild Kratts? Do you love learning about animals and the natural world? If so, you won’t want to miss Martin and Chris Kratt: The Wild Life, the latest addition to the Step into Reading®(Step 3) collections.

In this engaging biography, young readers will learn all about the Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin, and how they turned their love of animals into an amazing career where they have produced, directed, and starred in their own PBS shows such as “Zoboomafoo”, “Kratts’ Creatures”, and “Wild Kratts”. The brothers have traveled the world and encountered incredible creatures, all while combining science education with fun.

But how did it all begin? As children, Chris and Martin were fascinated by the natural world and spent countless hours exploring the woods and fields near their home. As they grew older, their passion for animals only grew stronger, and they eventually decided to pursue careers in wildlife filmmaking.

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Martin and Chris Kratt: The Wild Life takes readers on a journey through the brothers’ incredible career, from their early days filming wildlife documentaries to the creation of their own animated show. Along the way, readers will learn about the many amazing creatures the Kratts have encountered, from giant pandas and blue whales to electric eels and venomous snakes.

This Step into Reading biography is perfect for children ages 4 to 7 who are just starting to read on their own. With basic vocabulary and short sentences, it’s easy for young readers to follow along and learn about the Kratt brothers’ incredible adventures. And with colorful illustrations throughout, the book is sure to capture the imagination of animal lovers of all ages.

So if you’re looking for a fun and educational read that celebrates the wonders of the natural world, be sure to check out Martin and Chris Kratt: The Wild Life.

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