Wild Kratts

Three New Wild Kratts Episodes Air This Week on PBS!

Get ready for three brand-new Wild Kratts episodes that are airing on PBS Kids this week beginning October 5th! Check local listings for times!

Canadian Creature Adventurers can stream all three episodes on the TVO Kids website NOW!


Tardigrade Xtreme – October 5th

The gang wonders if there is life on other planets, so the Kratt Bros. decide to head to outer space to look for clues. Back on Earth, Jimmy discovers a tardigrade, a microscopic creature that seems to be able to survive in the most extreme conditions. When the guys encounter problems in space, the Wild Kratts hope that the powers of their new friend, the tardigrade, can help rescue Martin and Chris.

  • BrosinShip0011

Uh Oh Ostrich – October 6th

While cruising across the African savanna in the Tortuga, a gust of wind blows a piece of paper out of Aviva’s hand and into an ostrich nest. The bros think it’s a new secret formula and they spring into action to rescue her work from one of the most protective parents on earth – the ostrich!

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The Great Creature Tail Fail – October 7th

When a stowaway red squirrel accidentally gets loose on the African savanna, the guys activate Cheetah Powers to catch her. Unfortunately, they run into major creature power suit malfunctions. The Tail Match Modulator is broken and producing a mismatched tail with every activation. In their quest to return the red squirrel home to North America, the gang discovers the amazing variety and diverse functions of creature tails along the way!

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Wild Kratts Wishes PBS a Happy 50th Anniversary!

Today we are want to wish a HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY to our friends over at PBS!

We are honored to have worked with PBS over the years to bring our love for animals and Creature Adventuring to as many people as possible.

Whether you joined us in Animal Junction with Zoboomafoo or watch all our latest adventures from the Creature Trail on Wild Kratts, please join us in wishing PBS a very happy anniversary!


NEW VIDEO! The Incredible Blue Iguana | On the Creature Trail

In this episode, Chris is in the Cayman Islands On the Creature Trail of a very special iguana… the BLUE IGUANA!

This incredible reptile can reach lengths of up to 5ft and has the ability to turn the color of its skin BLUE! You can only find Blue Iguanas on Grand Cayman Island, they don’t live anywhere else in the world! Get a close-up look at this awesome creature and watch as it uses its creature power of turning blue!

For more On the Creature Trail videos click here!

Wild Kratts: Creature Power arrives at The Magic House!

The Wild Kratts: Creature Power! Museum Exhibit arrives at The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum this weekend!

The exhibit will open on October 3rd and transport visitors to the Wild Kratts world where their creature adventures can begin!

To learn more about this exhibit and for schedules of both Wild Kratts exhibits click here!


  • Creature Power Exhibit: Your Neighborhood

    Your Neighborhood: Activate American Bullfrog Power!

  • Wild Kratts: Creature Power - Antarctic Ice Floes

    Antarctica: Predator and Prey

  • Wild Kratts: Creature Power - Rainforest

    Tropical Rainforest: Activate Jaguar Power!

  • Wild Kratts: Creature Power - Antarctica Mission

    Antarctica: Creature Mission

Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure arrives at the Minnesota Children's Museum

🐡 Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure arrives at the Minnesota Children’s Museum this Saturday, September 26th! 🦑

Prepare to dive into the world of Wild Kratts and explore the ocean habitats and amazing creatures that live within them. Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure will be at the Minnesota Children’s Museum from September 26th until January 3rd 2021, more information about the museum, its opening times and COVID guidelines can be found on their website.

Schedules for both Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure AND Wild Kratts: Creature Power! can be found here!

For those of you in Minnesota or who might be thinking of paying a visit, Chris and Martin Kratt have a message for you below!

New Wild Kratts Games Coming Soon from Rather Dashing Games!

New Wild Kratts Game Coming Soon!

We have partnered with the amazing team over at Rather Dashing Games to bring you some brand-new Wild Kratts fun!

Parents are always telling us how much they love using our Wild Kratts games as educational and entertainment tools for their little ones. We can’t wait to collaborate with Rather Dashing Games and channel their creativity and passion for game making to bring you some truly original, fun, and educational games!

We are not ready to show you what we have in the works just yet, but rest assured, more Wild Kratts Creature Adventuring games are on the way!

  • Rather Dashing Games v4

    Wild Kratts and Rather Dashing Games

LAST WEEKEND! Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure! is Leaving Manitoba Children's Museum

The Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure! exhibit is leaving the Manitoba Children’s Museum on September 6th!

The museum is running reduced hours but there is one LAST CHANCE to visit the exhibit this Friday Sept. 4, Saturday Sept. 5, and Sunday Sept. 6 before it leaves!

Dates for both our Wild Kratts: Ocean Adventure! and Wild Kratts: Creature Power! exhibits can be found here.

  • Wild Kratts Ocean Adventure Leaving

Wild Kratts: Creature Power! Reopens this Labor Day Weekend!

Liberty Science Center in New Jersey is reopening its doors and once again visitors will be transported to the Wild Kratts world where their creature adventures can begin!

Wild Kratts: Creature Power! reopens to the general public at the Liberty Science Center Sept. 5-7, from 10 am to 5 pm. The exhibit is then leaving for its next adventure on Sept. 20 so be sure to check it out before it hits the creature trail!

Dates for both Wild Kratts museum exhibits can be found here.

  • Wild Kratts Creature Power Exhibit Leaving

Wild Kratts Volume 19 is available NOW!

This volume features new episodes from our latest season including: In Search of the Easter Bunny, The Great Froggyback Ride, Parrot Power, and Iron Wolverine!

Volume 19 is available via: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Comcast, Verizon, PBS KIDS Prime Video Channel


New Deadly Cobra Creature Powers Video!

In this episode, Chris is in India On the Creature Trail of two special snakes with deadly creature powers! The spectacled cobra and the king cobra!

One bite from the spectacled cobra can deliver a venom that can kill a predator or person in hours, but spectacled cobras would much rather use their venom to catch prey. Spectacled cobras are long and can grow to be up to 7 feet long! A deadly and venomous snake, but even spectacled cobras need to watch their backs for an even bigger venomous snake…The King Cobra!

King cobras are snake eaters, for them, any snake is a potential victim, even spectacled cobras. They will even attack smaller king cobras! King cobras can reach more than 2 and half times the length of spectacled cobras, reaching at 18 feet! They are the world’s longest venomous snake! One bite from the king cobra has enough venom to kill 20 people or one elephant but luckily they typically shy away from people.

These are two awesome snakes with incredible creature powers!

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