Wild Kratts

4 new Wild Kratts episodes air on PBS this week!

Get ready for some new creature adventures!

We have 4 brand-new Wild Kratts episodes airing on PBS KIDS this week!

(Check local listings for times)


  • Monday, July 13th – “The Great Froggyback Ride”
  • Tuesday, July 14th – “Parrot Power”
  • Wednesday, July 15th – “Iron Wolverine”
  • Thursday, July 16th – “Adapto the Coyote”

Our Canadian creature adventurers can watch new episodes on TVO and Knowledge Kids. Details on where you can stream episodes in Canada is available here!

  • Frog Chris with Martin and Koki

    Wild Kratts "The Great Froggyback Ride"

  • Chris and Martin Flying on Parrots, Split Screen

    Wild Kratts "Parrot Power"

  • Wild Kratts Brothers with Coyotes

    Wild Kratts "Adapto the Coyote"

  • Wild Kratts Wolverine pups

    Wild Kratts "Iron Wolverine"

Wild Kratts Nominated for a TCA Award!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been nominated at this year’s TCA Awards!

Wild Kratts has been nominated in the Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming category alongside many of our PBS Kids friends:

  • “Carmen Sandiego” – Netflix
  • “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” – PBS Kids (2016 Winner in Category)
  • “Molly of Denali” – PBS Kids
  • “Odd Squad” – PBS Kids
  • “Wild Kratts” – PBS Kids
  • “Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum” – PBS Kids

We want to say thank you to the TCA for the nomination and congratulations to our fellow nominees!

The full list of nominations can be found here:



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Welcome to the Creature Power Games!

Starting Monday, July 6th until Friday, July 10th, every day there will be a new Creature Power Games Event.

Six amazing creatures will compete in each of the Creature Power Games events and we need you to pick your Top 4! The Top 4 from each event will then go on to be included in an upcoming Creature Power Games magazine issue!

So get ready for the Creature Power Games 2020!

  • creature_power_schedule_2_july5

Day 5 - Fantastic Feats of Strength

Meet today's Creature Competitors!

  • American Beaver
  • Asian Elephant
  • Hercules Beetle
  • Indian Leopard
  • Leaf-Cutter Ant
  • Orangutan


Voting closes at 11:59 PM ET tonight!

Day 4 - Ludicrous Land Racers

Meet today's Creature Competitors!

  • Zebra
  • Wolverine v2
  • Wildebeest
  • Wild Pony
  • Ostrich
  • African Wild Dog


Day 3 - Stupendous Swimmers!

Meet today's Creature Competitors!

  • Brine Shrimp_LOWER
  • Giant Manta Ray Card_LOWER
  • Jaguar_LOWER
  • Mako Shark_LOWER
  • Sea Otter Card_LOWER
  • Polar Bear Card_LOWER v2


Day 2 - Jaw Dropping Jumps

Meet today's Creature Competitors!

  • Impala_LOWER
  • White Tailed Deer_LOWER
  • Vampire Bat_LOWER
  • Sockeye Salmon_LOWER
  • Red Fox_LOWER
  • African Wildcat_LOWER


Day 1 - Incredible Climbers!

Meet today's Creature Competitors!

  • Red Squirrel v2_LOWER
  • Margay_LOWER
  • Koala_LOWER
  • Emperor Tamarin_LOWER v2
  • Dwarf Gecko_LOWER
  • Black Spider Monkey_LOWER


Behind the Scenes of Kratts' Creatures!

Remember Kratts’ Creatures?

Then you’ll definitely want to check out this RARE behind the scenes footage from the recording of the show.

When filming with animals out on the creature trail things don’t always go to plan, they are wild animals after all! This has led to some very funny outtakes and bloopers that although never made it into the main show, were fortunately captured on camera!

Get ready to feel that 90s tv show nostalgia!

The Kratt Brothers channel brings you some of our best moments from the creature trail. You’ll get to see amazing animals up-close and learn about their creature powers! SUBSCRIBE NOW and become a creature adventurer today!

For more Kratt Brothers videos click here!



Around the World Adventures DVD Available NOW!

Are you ready for an Around the World Adventure?!

  • 10+ hours of Wild Kratts adventures!
  • Dozens of amazing creature powers!
  • A special Amazin’ Amazon Adventure!

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Join Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt as they embark on more than twenty action-packed Around the World Adventures! Including the extended-length adventure, Wild Kratts Amazin’ Amazon Adventure!



GUESS THE BABY BIRD CHALLENGE is the latest episode of On the Creature Trail with the Kratt Brothers. In this video, Chris and Martin Kratt are in the Caribbean islands taking a look at a little funny-looking but amazing bird that has a very cool colorful creature power!

Can you guess correctly?

Watch the full video below and check out our other On the Creature Trail videos here!

Wild Kratts Let's Fly Magazine Available Now!

Learn all about our flying animal friends in the brand-new Wild Kratts magazine…

Wild Kratts Let’s Fly!

Get ready to meet the bold birds, mighty mammals, incredible insects and remarkable reptiles who use their Creature Powers to fly and glide through the sky! Join the Kratt Brothers as they explore many different habitats to learn about the skills, diets and defense techniques used by the wide variety of creatures that have the ability to take flight. Filled with games, activities, puzzles and challenges, your little creature adventurer will have fun while learning about the wonderful world around them!

Available for order here!

You can also find all our previous magazine editions and where they are available for purchase on our website here!

  • Wild Kratts Let's Fly Magazine Twitter Promo

Brook Trout Feeding FRENZY on YouTube Now!

Brook Trout Feeding FRENZY is the latest episode of On the Creature Trail with the Kratt Brothers. In this episode, Chris is in the taiga region of the great white north looking for a really cool fish with some awesome creature powers: the brook trout!

Brook trout are a spectacularly colorful fish identified by their bright flecks and distinctive wormlike markings on their backs, and white trim around their fins. They are one of several species of fish in the salmonid family – a group of streamlined, strong swimming fish, commonly found in cool waters across the Northern Hemisphere.

As a young brook trout, the fish survive on a diet of plankton, worms, and insect larvae. In their adult phase, the large fish turn their attention to bigger prey, like crustaceans, molluscs, fish, amphibians, and even small mammals! Brook trout are opportunistic feeders that will lie and wait for dinner to pass by in moving currents.

When prey is spotted, trout enter the current to nab their reward! When the fish aren’t hunting for food, they tend to hang out in calmer areas along the bank, or behind rocks and vegetation. Having a favorite resting post between meals helps these fish replenish energy stores needed for the hunt!

SUBSCRIBE and become a creature adventurer today – https://bit.ly/2RDQioB

Did you see our last episode on sloth bears?

SLOTH BEAR STAND OFF is the latest episode of On the Creature Trail with the Kratt Brothers. This time Chris is in India on the creature trail looking for a very special type of bear with a really cool set of creature powers: SLOTH BEARS! These bears have curved claws that allow them to dig into nests of small invertebrates like ants and termites then suck them up with their mouth!

Wild Kratts Video Chat Backgrounds Available Now!

Ever wanted to see yourself on the Tortuga?

Now you can with our all-new PBS KIDS Wild Kratts video chat backgrounds!

Download them all by clicking the image below and video call with the Wild Kratts today!

  • Wild Kratts Video Background 2

15 Pet-Tastic Tails Available Now!

We have teamed up with our PBS KIDS friends to make a Pet-Tastic DVD!

From dogs and cats to hamsters and turtles, new friends come in all shapes and sizes! Join your favorite PBS KIDS characters as they learn all about responsibility and caring for others. Watch Daniel and his classmates release their classroom pet named Ducky after he’s grown too big, and join Chris and Martin as they unpack from a creature adventure, only to discover a wolf pup in their bag!

Plus, enjoy Winter Champions, a special bonus episode from Molly of Denali. This pet-packed collection also features stories from other beloved PBS KIDS series including Arthur, Caillou, Let’s Go Luna!, Nature Cat, Peg + Cat, Pinkalicious and Peterrific and Super WHY!

15 Pet-Tastic Tails also includes the Wild Kratts episode “Little Howler” which sees Chris, Martin, and the rest of the gang off on a creature adventure to reunite a wolf pup with his pack!

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  • 15 Pet-Tastic Tales Available Now